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My aproach to maintaining consistent velocity and not suffering a drop on colder days is to never get the gun warm, my safe is not in the house and the gun NEVER goes in the house. If you set the power with the gun warm and then expect it to maintain that level in sube zero conditions with a lot of guns you are going to be dissapointed, not to mention the expansion and contraction of the scope tube breech and mounts causing possible zero shift. It may need minor seasonal adjustment but most do. I also find best consistency comes when a gun has settled for a long period without adjustment, constantly adjusting and expecting brilliant fps consistency is asking a lot. I have seen the biggest cold temp drops occur with alloy chassis guns that are kept in a warm place. At some of the winter shoots a lot of Steyrs suffered missed shots low on long targets. Set it up cold, always keep it cold and it will perform in the cold.
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