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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Don't own one but have shot several - great rifles. Take a little getting used to ergonomically but they can be set up very nicely. Designed for low pressure fills which I wish more manufacturers would do. This one runs at ~1300 psi. The valve and hammer setup is really optimized for near 20 ft lbs power levels. I always thought about having Tim build one for sub 12fpe some day but the guns weren't really designed for it which is a shame.


You're right, it's a 20 fpe design. The gun shoots incredibly accurately at about 17-18 fpe. The low pressure, high volume fill is nice. No regulator to ever deal with either. I get about 70 good shots per fill. I get what I consider about 35 extremely consistent shots in the "sweet spot." Those will stay within 3-5 fps. So, I would normally top off the tank about half way through a 60 shot match.

Hopefully I'll have a WFTF gun set up that shoots as well soon. It has just taken time to get that right...

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