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I think we are trying to fit a pint in a half pint pot, re jigging number of targets on a lane will have very little effect on overall finish time and will just result in empty lanes with single target and queues at subsequent lanes with 2 or more targets.

Shoots run smoothest when lanes are straight forward with minimal shuffling, I think we have to accept that if there is circa 200 shooters at a GP then it will finish later and look at how to minimise the time spent wasted on a range.

Earlier posts have pointed out that a third group would finish late, yes it would but how late will a second group with around 100 shooters on it finish? How pleasant will all that standing around be if it rains? Or if we get 30 plus degrees with little shade? Have we got medics standing by to deal with heat exhaustion?

I for one would rather start around 4 and finish around 7 than start at 1.30 and finish at 7. If you know in advance then you adjust your travel to suit
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