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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Will it copy a stock ?

Nice bit of kit. How long did that take to scan and build?

I saw the ones they did for Star Wars a few years back. Looks like things have progressed. How does it handle hair ( when it has too )
Firstly it's as dumb as me

The 3d photo took a fraction of a second, I can't remember how many cameras were in use at the time but it was done on a jig set up at Queens Medical Centre. A company called 3T (if I remember correctly) then used the initial image to create the file for the model, some extra work had to be done on the image as we didn't go right around my head.

As we were intending to then vacuum form the model an internal lattice type structure had to be programed in too. The guy from 3T did all the graphics/design work and it took him a good while as our needs were new to him but he thought the time could be brought right down with experience. This was all done as a bit of an experiement but I beleive the mould would have cost 350ish.

Hair would have been a bit of a problem but then what else would you use a swimming cap for?

So yes you could easily copy a stock and get any internal support you might want and at a pretty good price. I suspect a computer based program would work better than a 3d photo though. Our application would be for individual people which wouldn't be so easy to program!

Attached, the finished immobilisation device, as you can see it is a good fit.

Oh yes you could use a laser scanner too, or a CT scan. They can build a model of your skull from the CT data, now that is cool and has to be seen to be believed.
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