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Default Ostler Air Stripper Plan B

Plan A was to go to Tondu, set up no 27 side wheel with new "summer" ranges then move on to mega Ostler Air stripper test part 2, REV is back.

Plan A started well, i knew on the winter no 27 wheel setting my 40m was now coming in on 42m so needed re-doing, though was not sure about other ranges.

New tape on and marking away at 50m, cocked Priest and it refused to dry fire,
not being a technichal chap, I presumed this was some sort of refusal on the guns part for Brining REV back onto Holy Ground?
Well most Wars start through religion?

Managed to de-cock but the problem was there along with a grinding noise / feel when cocking, not good? Then noticed gun was indeed stinking with fine dust. Possably a result of the wind at tondu picking up the fine dust particles or maybe being in the wrong gun bag!
Rang a man that know about these things. Some thumbling with allen keys meant Priest was back firing but with a dodgy triggger set up and no real confidence in how long its going to last.
As such, shall be taking it for a Clean at Gp1?

Managed to to finish re-doing no 27 wheel marking and checking the main clicks, though in truth it probably needs another propper check especially at 8 - 22m for those critical 15ml.
Range marks for 45 + 50 m match when placing old "winter" tape next to new "summer" tape.
summer 40m is where winter 42 was, same for 35 + 37 closed up towards 50 which is not what is wanted.
Saying that the shorter ranges seem to have spread out a bit.
Will check again, maybe tomorrow as today was not a confidence booster at all really.

Range find no 27 L- H

Range find no 1 H - L

no 1 Lupe on REV was still on summer settings, not having been used over the winter and sure enough range markings came sopt on, well nearly.
Only a couple of clicks had changes and then mainly the low - mid range.

so ranges done, clicks done, just need a bit of re-checking.
Temp was 12 degrees. not warm for summer but constant through setting up with constant overcast light.

Onto REV Ostler Air stripper testing

Not the best day for it, bit of a blustery wind and by now some rain as we did not start till 5.30.
As such, it was perhaps a bit rushed but did give some early insights

Less wind with air stripper? Cant tell as i did not shoot side by side with Priest and it was a bit blustery, not a constant wind or as /i would have liked a slight breeze simlar to saturday at Newbury.

Not much wind on the whole taken by the pellets, but anything from staright - Half kill - full kill, all at 50m.

Initially i was more interested in testing all the pellets I have.
Cleaned barrel before testing then ran through a few to lead up. not totally convinced i did enough re-leading. I think, if i read back through this i will find notes saying Rev usually needed 20-30+ pellets to re-lead.
Think i may have got used to Priest coming straight back on

All pellets stright from Tim

D36, the old favs did not start well. Had some up and downers and nothing aproaching a group, not a disdaster, but out of 20 17 were hits, just aiming at centre of kill and letting rest be to nature!

D5 (Gilly/Connors pellets) were much better. Best group of the session came on these. Only downside is I only got a few tins left lol

D39 - very nearly as good as d5, which is good as i got a few of these! Probably only a pellet in it between D5 + 39.

D50 (Priests fav) two did drop, but that may have been me? Height wise spot on generally and certianly very usable in Rev, if they were not for Priest!

D8 - Pretty good grouping, dropped a little but certainly usable and worth another Test.

AA - First 10 were rubbish, then the second 10 came on. Maybe they need more leading up? certainly worth re-doing the test with a clean barrel, only using AA to lead up for perhaps 20-30 pellets then re-testing. Stable height.

Just far a lught i had tried some Rs! Shotgun in the conditions lol

Then to upset myself right at the end i had a go of Gadgets New Ostler Air stripper ev2. Put in a 8 hole don with that! I always said REV barrel was crap lol Could have been the wind had died off, could be my barrels are crap!

So, I think its back to tondu Friday morning for more testing? Not sure though as wind is forecast 14 -17mph!

Whenever though i think a more structured test is needed. start with Aa on clean barrel.
Then re-clean and swtch to JSB. Will re-do d 39, 36, 5, 8 out of tin and sized?
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