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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Very cool Brian. I had looked into this a while back to do scope knobs and sidewheels but the materials/resolution seemed to be a letdown. Looks like they have gotten better. Now to find time to learn the software!

These days most of the aftermarkets parts guys use CNC/traditional machining. I wonder at what point 3D printing will start replacing some or most of that workflow. If the resolution and materials are there imagine how much easier to knock out these kinds of parts.
Yeah that's the potential that got me excited about it. I love the look and feel of an aly or brass custom part, so I don't think a sprayed plastic part is ever going to replace that, but for sheer speed of manufacture and the ability to try out different designs and share them with other people over the net makes everything much more open to innovation.

I keep coming up with ideas for stuff I could make... I just can't quite justify 3000 yet though

Here's an example I saw just the other day

It's basically an adapter to fit your iPhone or Android phone to your scope so you can video a through the scope perspective. Quite cool because phones make pretty decent video cameras now days and they're light enough to mount on the back of a scope without too much scaffolding.

Well... that thing is basically a custom iphone case and two tubes.. and the price is $120 which would probably end up being 120 by the time you imported it through customs.

That would be a doddle to knock up on a 3D printer - there are already shed loads of public domain designs for phone cases - then all you'd need to do would be design a couple of tubes to fit it, job done.

Printing cost (on your own printer) would be a couple of quid tops...

It won't be long now - say give it a year and what you'll see is the price coming down, quality going up and new easy to use software being produced to make stuff. I can't wait
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