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Originally Posted by dnic View Post
looks great, how does it handle?

David (dnic)
So far I'm still adjusting things and trying to re-learn my hold with it - I'm managing to get 2 tight groups, about an inch apart at the moment - once I've got it down to one tight group, I'm laughing.

It's also quite heavy.. the rig weighs 15 lbs now and I'd prefer the weight to be back a little bit so I'm trying to pluck up the courage to drill a hole in the butt and put some lead in there. Warren was too scared to do it for me in case he mucked it up

I'm realising that you have to be patient with springers - I'm hoping that with about 5 months of solid practice I'll be able to start hitting things with it - I'm determined to learn how to shoot a boinger, I'll do it if it flipping kills me

Having a swanky looking stock is just another incentive for me not to give up the struggle.
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