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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Brian, what's a good software package to use for the drawings?
Google Sketchup is fairly easy to learn.. I used a thing called OpenScad for that design because it's basically a programming language.

The really cool thing about it being a programming language is that I can quickly just change a line of code and everything works itself out from there.

So for example, one of the parameters for my turret is what the external diameter is - if I want one to be 26mm instead of 30mm, I just change the variable to 26 and generate the final file - everything else is ust recalculated for me - a bit like changing a value in a spreadsheet.

The other really cool thing is that loads of people have already published designs in the language.. so the numbers round the outside, I just included someone elses code to generate numbers on a rounded surface and bingo - all done.

there's a library for creating threads as well - you just include the code file and tell it you want an M5 internal thread... you can even specify the diameter and thread pitch and make up totally custom threads.

There's a load of pre-done designs you can adapt on
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