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Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
Amazing! how tough is the material and could you make muzzle brakes or scope rails for example? I really can not get my head around how you can "spray a resin into thin air" and end up with a solid shape that you designed
I know, it's amazing isn't it... have a look at

Stuff literally just grows out of liquid...

The resin is pretty tough - I'd say probably a bit tougher than Delrin. The ABS extrusion printers aren't as good quality and would possibly need a bit of finishing off afterwards, but ABS is pretty tough stuff... they make lego bricks out of ABS and with thicker walls would be quite strong. (In fact you could print your own lego bricks )

Muzzle breaks - yeah, easy - Silencers, custom baffles etc etc.

Scope rails... hmm... I'd probably stick to metal for those.

The accuracy of the laser style printing is 0.02mm - something like a third the thickness of a human hair.
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