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It fits perfectly, although the printer still had a bit of trouble getting the detail right on the internal spline - oh and I made a mistake with my measurements too

So for the Mk2 version, I thought - why bother sticking numbers on afterwards - I'll just print them on.. and while I'm at it I'll get the measurements correct and tweak things to reduce the volume (and cost)..

So this is my next design to potentially send of for printing...

This one has raised numbers and raised click marks... the idea being, I can spray it all black and then lightly sand off the paint on the embossed numbers and click marks to reveal the white plastic beneath it.

It would be dead easy to put on yardage clicks rather than the standard 0-5 numbers on the turret too... and because the design is written in code, I can just change a couple of parameters in the program and put any click values on I like... takes seconds to do..

This one is only 3.75 cm3 so will cost about 7.50 + VAT to print... and when you consider that those sticky numbers from Rangesports cost 7.45 a sheet, that's not too bad. If I change my clicks - just print another one out.
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