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Default 3D Printers - making stuff for airguns....

I wish I had the skills to drive a lathe and making shiny things for airguns, but I know my limitations and I'm afraid I'm shite at that sort of thing.

I can however drive a computer better than most and with 3D printers dropping in price and quality and ease of use on the increase, it won't be long I shouldn't wonder before we start seeing more and more desktop 3D printers cropping up.

There are two types essentially - ones that work like an inkjet printer, only instead of ink they blow out a tiny bit of ABS and ones that work a bit like a laser printer - they use a photosensitive resin liquid and when a laser hits the liquid it solidifies... so by firing a laser at the surface of the liquid a load of times you can make a solid layer.. then build another layer below it etc...

Anyhoo... the beauty of this is I can actually make stuff by doing computer nerdy programming It also means its repeatable and easily customizable later on.

I don't actually own a printer (they range from about 1k for an ABS inkjet style printer to about 3k for a laser style printer)... but I can send stuff off to an agency to have designs printed.

I thought it would be fun to make a custom top turret for my Bushnell 8-32. The problem with the other aftermarket turrets is that it's extremely difficult to make the internal spline to fit the scope - Nick makes something to fit, but it sort of clamps over the existing nipple thing and isn't too secure on a springer.

So here's my initial design....

Designed to just replace the existing turret, with enough room to put my own sticky numbers on...
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