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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Having the current FT champ on reserve doesn't seem right some how.
How about some kind of guaranteed entry to the ones that compete all the time,or the top fifty from the year before,or is that being eletist?
Think that it's just popular ? and more so now, the booking in is a case of snooze & you loose, but to be fair reigning champion or not , AA or not , former world champion or not, top 50 or not , or even top of C grade..............

The moral of the story is if your not on the ball booking in you won't get a place.

The majority of shooters frequent STB for info & if they don't their mate does ? everyone texts so everyone knows when booking goes live, so if your not quick enough then tough.

Pre booking is good but you will always get problems regarding people not turning up etc
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