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Hi Jon,

A few points:
1) The allocation is 4 to a lane and then shoot in pairs. Will this cause any more congestion than groups of 3?
I think not
Scenario 1
Lane 1 has 3 shooters and lane 2 has 3 shooters
Those on lane 1 use about 1min 30s per shooter so (for these examples ignoring other actions that use up time) they are finished in 4mins 30s. They move on to lane 2. On lane 2 the shooters use their full 2 mins.
When the shooters from lane 1 arrive at lane 2 they have a 1min 30s wait until the lane is free. Hence there are 6 shooters on lane 2. This is common at GP.
Scenario 2
Lane 1 has 4 shooters and lane 2 has 4 shooters.
The first pair on lane 1 use 1min 30s each to shoot and move to lane 2. The first pair on lane 2 use 2min each to shoot. So now there are 6 people on lane 2. Will there be 8? Only if a pair take more time to shoot their targets than than it take 2 pairs to shoot theirs; this is only possible if the 2 pairs take less than a minute each (so they should expect a wait if they shoot so fast)

If there was a maximum 100 shooters in 50 pairs then the lane allocation would start
4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, ...
and then in the worse case become
2, 6, 2, 6, 2, 6,
So no more than 6 shooters converging on a lane that icommonly occurs now.

However quickly a group shoots the lane their time to complete the course is dictated by the group next to them.
It is my view that groups of 2 will cause less congestion than groups of 3, and that groups of 2 will spread the wait rather than the hiatus caused by extra groups above the 25.

Scenario 3

Lane 1 has 4 shooters and lane 2 has 3 shooters.
As before those on lane 2 use their full 2 minutes and those on lane 1 use 1min 30s.
The first pair shoot lane 1 and move on to lane 2 after 3 minutes; there are now 5 shooters on lane 2. Those on lane 2 take 6 minutes to shoot the lane which is the same time it takes 4 shooters to complete lane 1 - it's slow but moving.

Scenario 4
Lane 1 has 3 shooters and lane 2 has 4 shooters.
As before those on lane 1 use 1min 30s and those on lane 2 use 2mins.
Lane 1 is complete in 4mins 30s. In this time the first pair on lane 2 has finished and the 2nd pair are already 30s into their 4 mins. There are 5 shooters on lane 2 but in 2min 30s there will be only be 3.

The worse case scenario is when a number of groups of adjacent shooters are using their full time allocation. In this case at least it will take 4mins for the lane to be available rather than 6mins. And is this any different to what we usually experience?

WRT the spacing of the lanes - if it was 25 groups of 3 then I assume you would expect 6 shooters to be on a lane whether shooting or waiting? If your course layout can accommodate this then I think shooting in pairs will not exaggerate it. However, with the knowledge that your event is proving very popular would it not be pertinent to re-arrange your lanes?

I have the task of allocating people to lanes for the first 2 GP not because I am the Comp Manager but because I volunteered to do it for the MFTA; it is the responsibility of the hosting region not the BFTA. And in the MFTA that responsibility falls to the club organising the event. I realise that I have been forward in suggesting this change to the normal running of a GP (even though the numbers entering the first 2 GP are very high) and that if you would like to organise the allocation of lanes Jon then I am very happy to send the entries to you or a member of Millride.

Finally, and sorry for going on, if anyone is wondering why we have so many booked into an event that is designed to accommodate 150!
Well the BFTA does not specify a method of entry to the GP but the online entry is very very useful (thanks Rob). How does the BFTA or hosting club decide when to stop entries? If you saw my first post you'd see the ridiculous situation of the reigning GP champion being a reserve for GP1. I speak for myself in that having a popular event is great but if we are to restrict entries then there needs to be an agreed criteria and "first come first serve" will hardly identify the best FT shooter in the country.
We'll have to wait and see if GPs continue to be popular or is the midlands location attracting more entries.

To repeat - If Millride would like to take the entry allocation off me then I am very happy for them to do this.

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