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Originally Posted by jj1 View Post
So is this the same for PCP's?
It's just that my little brain has a hard time with the concept. That a fixed scope on a gun will have a poi 2 inches lower (or higher) depending upon who is looking down the scope and pulling the trigger. The scope has a Bisley Maximiser on it so I would have thought this reduces the amount of variance of eye position.
I'm not saying this is Schrodinger's Cat or the Double Slit Experiment but it's a bid weird.
Hold sensitivity

It's not so much a case of who's looking through the scope and pulling the trigger - it's more a case of who and how are they holding the rifle and interacting with the recoil.

It's not uncommon to hear stories among seasoned springer shooters about how their gun shoots x inches low / high / left / right etc when they take a standing shot as opposed to a sitting shot.

Same gun, same fixed scope, same person pulling the trigger - Different Hold

I guess to a far lesser degree the same is also true of PCP's but the difference is so slight you probably wouldn't notice it.
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