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I'm currently in the process of reviewing the Benjamin Trail in .22 for AirGunner magazine. You'll have to wait a month or two for the full review. This is a "nitro-piston (=Theoben gas-ram) rifle.

I've owned it for a couple of years but have hardly shot it (using .177 PCP rifles 'cos they're "easier" but you wouldn't think so looking at my scores), but whenever I pick it up for a plink I ask myself why on earth I don't use it more. The whole balance and feel of the rifle is excellent and yesterday I was shooting ragged groups of 5 shots at 20 yards. The trigger is another story, though! If you are used to a fine trigger you'll struggle with the Benjamin's. I changed mine for a Charlie da Tuna one and it has absolutely transformed the rifle to the extent that if it was .177 I might even consider competing with it. (Is there no end to the humiliation I'm willing to inflict upon myself?)

Having just re-read the original post it seems as if the original poster might be primarily interested in promoting the new Crossman / Benjamin forum. However my response still stands.

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