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Originally Posted by jj1 View Post
I've just got myself a new springer (TX200) and was setting it up on Sunday.
As I haven't used a springer for many years I asked one of my fellow club members (a very experienced shooter) to check my zero an ft range settings. However, we immediately found that my zero was 3 minutes of angle out. On the big nikko that was three whole numbers or 24 clicks at 1/8 moa per click. But he was putting pellet on pellet at 30, 25 and 20 yards. But when I tried I found that I also put pellet on pellet but at 3 numbers difference. I then asked another member to try the gun and she used the same settings as me.
So how can two different shooters pick up the same gun & scope but have different points of impact?
BTW we did agree on the ft range settings as we found the number of clicks between 30, 35, 45 yard, etc targets to be the same. So how can this be?

different person holding the gun in a different way, was one person resting the gun on his knee and the other on his hand?????? Its not weird really, normal spring gun behaviour... consistant hold is all that's needed...have fun
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