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Default Wafta 0 - Jagerbombs 3

2013 Bfta Champos and Inters regional drinking competion

A last minute change of Head saw tosh phone on Friday to say he was coming after all, so Gadget and I blame Tosh!

Got to Newbury about 10 and booked in for groups 11 and 12, which meant were were last on.

+ no 2 GC, no 27 l + d50 were sort of checked out on the zero range.
There was a funny yellow thing in the sky that steve page told me was a big light. Well i think they had the wrong bulb in as there was a shimmer in my scope and the digital temp thing showed 19 degress, which when its been at 3 -5 for most of the past 6 months was something of a change.
Scope showed an over range in the sun as expected of 2.5 m.
Went through last and had the please of shooting with Peter Terry. Started well hitting the first 6 and even came out of kill for T1 (reducer) & 2. Think i then started left edge and hit next 4.
Lane 4 was standers but on a slope for the shooting position. as the slope went up, I had all my 20 ish stone on the front leg. The result was nothing shot of a constant moving target and double dinked, the short 20 yarder i could not even get the cross hair in the kill! It peed me off a bit, felt a bit robbed but managed to put it behind me, least till the other standing lane!
From there on for most of the lanes, least up till the course turned and swung round its "S" bend i was inside 9 and watching pellets go straight or move half a kill in the gentle breeze. Si Ayres and Adras were a lane in front and both of them reported up to a hill and a half of wind! Just another case of the aor stripper doing its stuff in the right conditions to me!
First sitter i missed were lond one as course turned, lane before long+ hioght kneeler.
Think i made it 47m. Gave inside 9 and pellet struck just outside of 9! Wind had flicked round! If i had gone down the middle i would of hit it.
Got the long high Kneeler which was nice, great target. Standers round the corner though and I was beat as soon as i saw the sign lol. Shooting position was better, but I was not. Just managed the short one but was poor on the long (30m) one, so not even that long!
4 down when a huge Vultue swooped in . Pufferfish had finished 5 down.
Hit the other good sitters and then got to penultimate lane that swung back into right woods.
Long Rat target, 45 m. Strings bowed, grass blowing, good range = go to come out of kill? Only came out about 20-25ml and somewhat unbeleivably, pellet went straight . Bloddy air stripper lol!
Next target was one of the circular disks, shorter at 40m so decided to go inside 3, pellet cleared kill!
That was by far the most wind i saw saturday, infact it was apart from lane 1 the only time i needed to come out of kill.
Nailed the final two kneelers but the standers had cost me dear, well a 10 was heading back to the midlands for a year?

Happy with the gun and scope's work, taking 2.5 off where i thaught it needed it.
Will have to set up scope for summer if the warm stuff stays around though?

Gadget had struggled with over ranging and perhaps some timing issues, this being his first time shoot. He had the excellent company of mark stenton but had struggled to put in a 24 while Tosh was happy with
a 27, which meant gadget was buying the ice cream in the curry house lol

We then swapped actions /stocks, I put the returning REV into no 1 stock, which Tosh had been using with his action in it. We mounted the scopes but there was cease fire on so no chance to zero.

Saturday night

6 of us left Travellodge, and I think 6 made it back, which is more than can be saod for the Nelsonite side of Wafta lol
John Costello and Adam Lees joined myself, tosh, Dave gageand the Ice cream buyer Gadget.
7pm and after a trip on the sunshine bus we are in Curry house. Very nice too, Cocnut rice is nice and Ghurka larger is suporb. Even better, after 4 rounds (4.50 a bottle) popadoms that gadget made a mess with and a fantastic Curry, plus of course ice cream bill was only 21 each.
We paid and ran.
Ran staright to a pub offering jagerbombs, 4 for a 10. Jolly good time was had by us and so it should have been, dont know how much I sent really but i know one of the orders was for 16 jagerbombs as I could not carry any more lol. I think i did about 135 and Tosh about 140l That inclueds taxi share and curry though so maybe only 100 on Jagerboms and larger lol
Leaving the pub is a mystery, i just about can remember some sort of mobile kebab van and the taxi driver throwing us out in the petrol station at services as Tosh was sick. Dave Gage and Gadget headed off, Gage off the pavement flat on his face cutting his knee while I attempted to drag tosh back to travellodge, despite him wanting to go back into town.
No idea how we found out rooms or if I finally got a bumwank, but woke sunday morning just after 8 to find half a kebab stuffed in my jeans pocket.
Berty then phoned to find out what time we were coming over and reported Little Captain Jack had been press ganged after a rumble in Mcdonalds lol


Non starter. Gadget was the only one fit to drive. Tosh came across the car park trousers round his knees carrying abag of clothes he had used to clean up

Tried zeroing REVat 15y but dont think i got it right? Had to swap from session 8 - 13 with gadget as not up to it.
Wandered around in a daze, took some snaps, amussed the Nefta boys just by walking past and then was charged with shooting with Calps in session 13. As he had won with an outstanding 39 on the saturday, seemed like a good idea. I thaught he could take my standers for me.
Think i double dinked T 1 + 2. Not too long, but 35m T1, gave inside 3 and cleared 9 in what seemed no wind. mould not have missed it with Priest!
Pattern of misses repeated itself, just like the 20 jagerbombs were doing despite me throwing up in the portaloo prior to starting!
Shooting wise i again enteratined the Nerfa and Mfta boys, mainly by trying to get up and down, or just walking? That were not a double dink dance, though i had double dinked, it were a staying upright move my legs performed just in time.
Highlight of the day was hittting all kneelers and three of the standers!
Far too many misses seemed to be left and so finished on 25, it dont count for grading though due to shooter and scope failier He an understanding chap that grading officer
Some of the shots were so unsteady while sitting i might as well have taken them standing lol

Gadget faired a bit better than saturday on 25, though he says he is not drinking in rounds with me and tosh again lol
Tosh, well he turned up half naked to the shoot and then spent most of the day curled up in the back of the car.

All in all great weekend and I can only wish for next years inters weekend courses to be as good as this, no matter where in the country they are
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