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Scope choice is a very subjective matter. What works well for one person can be an absolute nightmare for someone else. So, I'd reiterate the advice on this thread have a look through as many as you can before deciding for yourself.

What I would say is that regardless of what you end up trying first, invest in a set of good quality mounts. I'd personally recommend Sportsmatch mounts.

Here's what I've found (so far)

MTC Viper 10x 44
I think the MTC Viper 10x 44 is hard to beat for value for money (which is probably why you see so many on the HFT circuit).

The SCB reticle is really useful for HFT, especially when it's mounted on a sub 12ftlbs .177, as you'll find that the majority of ranges will fall within the floating crosshair. You only really need to come out of the crosshair for the extremely close/far away shots. The turrets on the Viper are about the best that you'll find on any scope at any price very well thought out indeed!

The Viper is often regarded as an entry level scope, but I know that Chris Cundey has had a lot of success with his, and I also noticed that Richard Woods (Dop) shot a 58 with his during the first day at the Worlds. So for an entry level scope the Viper can certainly hold its own amongst a field of scopes costing many times as much.

Expect to pay 100ish for a good secondhand one.

MTC Viper Connect 3-12x 32
This is a unique scope, as it has very little eye relief, and therefore effectively eliminates parallax error which is a massive advantage in HFT. It's a bit of a Marmite scope, in that shooters either love them or hate them, and there are always plenty of them for sale on the forums.

It's a fantastic hunting scope, thanks to its small size, light weight and massive field of view. It's available with AMD and SCB2 reticles, but personally I find the SCB2 isn't just as practical as the SCB reticle that you'll find on the classic Viper.

If you get a chance, have a look through one of these scopes yourself and make your own mind up.

Expect to pay 200ish for a good secondhand one.

EB Sniper 10x 42
Pete Sparkes (Sparky) swears by his EB Sniper, as do a lot of the top shots. Again you see a lot of these scopes on the HFT circuit. It's a no-frills scope, but the Japanese optics can be exceptionally good on these scopes. I emphasize 'can', because anecdotally at least, there seem to be 'good' and 'bad' EB Snipers out there.

Expect to pay 180ish for a good secondhand one.

Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x 42
This is my scope of choice at the moment. To my eyes, the optical clarity is truly outstanding. I shot my one for the first time at the Worlds, and I was very happy with it as I was able to see every single target clearly (which is something that I haven't always been able to say).

The mil dot reticle isn't as useful as the SCB reticle, but it's better than nothing. Also I find that Bushnells can be bad if the sun is behind you as the reticle 'whites out' and it can be hard to see the sight picture.

All-in-all though, I'm very happy with my Bushy.

The RRP of these scopes is 840, but they can be found new for as little as 425 if you look around. Expect to pay 350 for a good secondhand one.

I hope this is of some help, Fella. But be sure to take the opportunity to look through as many scopes as you can before making your own mind up and most of all enjoy your shooting!

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