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Originally Posted by gavin hopps View Post
Hi thanks for the help. I under stand you are unable to use the side focus wheel in hft. So do you set it around 25 ish then it would be ok for the diffrent ranges?
Yoirs gav
Hi Gav. Each scope is different but for my viper i have a px set at 23yds. What i do is place a target at 15yds and then reduce the px so that the target just starts to loose clarity. The bonus of this is that it becomes quite easy (with practice) to use the amout of blur to work out the range for the tricky close ones. With a normal set up, if you have a 35yd zero than you would normally (depending on mount height) have a secondary zero of 15 yards. That why it's important to know when you have a target at 15 yards and under, especially the 15mm kills. You'd be surprised how different the aim points are for 15,14,13,12,11,10,9 and 8 yards. For UKAHFT the closest a 15mm kill can be is 13yds but 12yds for a NEFTA hunter shoot. Knowing that before a shoot can also help.

Also with this set up 40 yds is just loosing clarity and 45 a tiny bit blurred so again, helps with range finding.

I hope it doesn't sound too tricky but if you have any questions just drop me a PM and ask away.
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