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Having shot springers for years now I've found that to get the best out of the springer and yourself it's stock fit that is just as important as having it tuned to death internally.

So if you are lucky enough that the lgv comp fits you perfectly then you'll have a pretty decent gun right from the box. They do shoot accurately. Unfortunately it's unlikely that the standard stock will fit you perfecty. You can adjust the cheek on the comp but the length of pull isn't adjustable and was miles too long for me ( I'm a dwarf ), and the trigger reach was also all wrong. I would buy one if I could get the action only for about 200 quid and then spend another 2- 300 quid on a target stock that fitted me. However, I can't justify spending lgv money and then have to spend another 2- 300 on a stock. I'm not even sure Custom Stocks or anyone else is making stocks for them yet?

I only shoot HFT so I would need more depth to the fore end and the lop and trigger reach the right length.

Good solid barrel lock up and very accurate ( well the ones I've shot have been ).
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