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Originally Posted by dai-pod View Post

"The peg must be touched by some part of the body/rifle as the shot is taken. Almost any position is allowed including resting the body on anything available within reach."

As taken from the UKAHFT website with regard to Shooting Positions, no mention I can see on website for shoot off rules, therefore standard rules apply?
Also taken from the UKAHFT website
There's no mention of a peg as one is not needed its just the shooting lane on the course was used.



In the event of a tie for any of the first 3 x Open Class places a shoot-off will then occur, the targets used will be 1x15mm, 1x25mm & 1x35-45mm hit zone target (each target being placed within the standard UKAHFT ranges for that hit zone size). Each person will shoot all three targets from the kneeling position, if any competitors are still tied they will then shoot the targets in the standing position. If after this no winner is established then there will be sudden death shoot off. For 4th places and below the positions may be calculated using a count back system depending on number of shooters and time permitting.
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