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What sort of gear are you taking with you ??
I won't be divulging that on a public forum Pete!

As you're asking I will be taking a good selection of:

Range Mats
Bean Bags
Pellet Pouches
Pellet Tins
FTX Gun Bags
Badges and Keyrings
Some MTC scopes (including a few which are out of stock at a lot of supliers)
Handwarmers (winters coming)
A selection of nice quality fleeces, hoodies, polos etc which were left from previous jobs, so very good prices on these. (all of these can be personalised later to order so wortha look)
A selection of caps
A big tin of coffee, some bickies, tea bags and some fizzy pop for later.
Also my pocket money in case I can get to the mega pasty wagon.

Hope to put a few faces top names up there, for what will be our first Midland.

Hopefully will be fun, if not there always the tweeds to cheer us up (no not you Ian)

Dave Hutton
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