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Default Wafta showdown 2013

Went down tondu last wednesday, bit of work bit of practise.
Gun was fine

Used D39 + Priest + no 27 luep at Wafta shgowdown, though as soon as i arrived at Blaina i knew it was practuise day as targets were up the banks again and thus high angles.
Saturday night was family night out topped off with Tikka so shooting uphill was a no - no !

Drew chubby in round1. Had an excellent laugh but could not take the event seriously as its it not timed and no disaplines, so just used it as practice and thre in some standers and kneelers myself for fun. Drew 14-14 with chubby then had a laugh doing a shoot off that must have been anopther 14 shots lol.
Derk had a bye in rd 1 as there were 6 no shows. At least the left hand side course wasa bit flatter so could sit for those, think i only missed 1 of first 10 while derk only hit 1 !!
From half way on it turned into practise with derk and I doing dogy kneelers and standers lol
Lost to Nigel hayman in rd 3, back on the uphill course. Missed 6, 3 for uphill wobble and 3 for wind.
Nigel lost 8 -11 to jack in final which just goes to show how gusty and unreadable it was.

No point in looking at an ft course with uphill shots so need to loose a few pounds again!

Tondu yesterday then. did not have a problem with our High bank shots, so either that were a good dump tuesday of blaina is far steeper? Think Blaina is far steeper so shall avoid for a while!

Gadget and I shot the banks yesterday, very gusty like Blaian was. I went 4 down quickly while Gadget was only 1, somehow he flucked the longer and windy tricky pond and high bank shots.
Then he fell apart, missing all three of the string lane to finish eventually 12 down, i finished 9 down, the wind was alot stronger than its been for a while but was a little more constant. did come out to 2nd dot on 50 yarder!

We put out some more "Easy FT" course targets and shot them. Gadget missed 2 (of the 11), i missed 0 !
not sure that 10ml suits the criteria of Easy Ft though lol so may change that!

Switched yesterday to d50 in preperation for the Champs weekend.
Priest, no 2 Stock+ no 27 luep + D50 will be Saturdays rig for Champs.

Plan is then to drop returning REV into no 1 stock, zero at 11m no 1 Luep and hope all the clicks are close enough to old settings to have a pop at inters Practise course sunday!
Not sure what pellets i will use?
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