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Great photos Stephanie. It's interesting to see a photographic account of the way Hft has developed over the years, what started out as a more accessible format of field target, has now become an equally expensive version of outdoor air rifle sport. The rifles are the same as Ft, I see expensive laminated stocks, expensive scopes and customised equipment.

Is it just me or are some of those stocks deeper than the 150mm allowed from centre of the barrel to the lowest part of the stock?

It appears some of the rules are also being 'bent' judging by some of those photos. Look at the photograph after the one of Derick Stone, is that hamster touching the ground or at the very best resting on a glove placed on the ground? What about the last but one photo, the kneeling position, is that hand forward of the knee? To quote the rules "the supporting hand should be dropped down vertically, if it contacts with any part of the knee/leg the supporting hand is deemed too far back & therefore not forward of the knee", if that hand were dropped vertically, it certainly appears it would touch the knee or leg.
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