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The main issue with game fairs from a manufacturer/retailer point is the costs involved. Example if a stand was say £1k for two days then you have staff wages, travelling costs, point of sale, merchandise etc its not cheap to do the weather over last two years doesn't help. We seen the recent snow effect sales plus economy and doom and gloom on the news! The game fairs will be at risk of having none of the manufacturers/retailers unless security is tighten up too many thefts stock stolen and also costs need to come down. A retailer offering great deals will attract customers but a retailer cannot offer discount deals if there overheads are high. Low fees to retailers/manufacturers also family deals at the gate. More security Brocock had there stall broken into load of stock stolen when I went in daylight at 5pm I seen FOUR security guards walking down one aisle. There was none patrolling around for over an hour at night time!!! I'm having a moan as that's why manufacturers/retailers won't rush to do game fairs!! High costs in exhibiting pitch fees/security issues are two of main reasons.
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