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Originally Posted by clubshot View Post

Please Explain how the Gun Trade can go to this Show and do Super Deals

Stands cost a Fortune as does Staffing them

VCR Restriction of Gun Sales does not help

Let alone cost of getting there Fuel Etc and Entrance costs

No not going this year

This is quite an interesting post Bob.

As someone with a direct line into AMTA I'm extremely surprised you have asked this question. You should already be aware that the Midland Game Fair has a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the airgun industry. We offer competitve rates and make a significant donation each year to support AMTA and the Gun Trade Association in preventing unnecessary and restrictive legislation. We build and provide all of the infrastructure required to host the sporting airgun ranges, and support a wide range of initiatives that get new shooters into our sport. I can say with some certainty that in terms of show organisers we are the biggest supporter of airgun sport and our commitment grows each year.

You may be surprised to know that we invest a sum in airgun activities at the Midland that is far in excess of the revenues we recieve from the airgun exhibitors. We support competitions and fund activites that promote and protect airgun sport outside our events including club and national competition series, the Airgun Training and Education Organisation and the Disability Target Shooting Great Britain facilities at Stoke Mandeville. You may be able to remember asking me for sponsorship yourself recently by PM.....

Airgun Expo at the Midland is the biggest it has ever been. We have more exhibitors, retailers and manufacturers than every before. There are more ranges and more products being launched than at any other shooting event in Europe. The exhibitors are not complaining about the rates as they represent value for money and provide the largest concentration of shooting people at any event in the UK.

In relation to Kelmarsh, you and I must have been at a completely different show. The feedback we have recieved from visitors and exhibitors alike is that the event was a resounding success, and our commitment from exhibitors for the 2010 event is even greater.

If I recall correctly, your behaviour has not been particularly helpful to the airgun community in recent times, and because of this you would not be successful in an application to the Midland in any case. Maybe rather than taking cheap shots at one of the airgun communities most dedicated benefactors you could actually do something constructive to help our way of life.

Unless you are going to start a series of shooting events for yourself..... good luck with that.

Yours, somewhat bemused

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