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I think the notion of a more relaxed set of rules is great and makes it much easier for people to have a go for the 1st time and just use whatever they have including an FT rig.
Surely though even the "relaxed" rules need to be written down for people to read through?
It makes it difficult for those trying to find their feet when the rules rely on everyone "just knowing them". Things like use of butt hooks, any hamster depth requirements, what can and can't be adjusted during a shoot etc would be handy so that buudy marshalling can be even handed for all.

As you know I'm sure, there will also be some very competitive people who want to win, and will stretch rules as far as possible for any advantgae they may be able to get. Just saying that something is not in the spirit of HFT will not stop some if they think they can get away with something. Also, as for cheating, if there are no rules to outline what is acceptable, how can something be "cheating" in the first place?

I am not for one minute suggesting that an extensive set of rules is needed, I think that you and Dave got it spot on, but surely it may be worth at least having the bare bones in writing in terms of what can be used, adjusted etc?

I love the fact that the Hunter series is not as prescriptive as some, long may that continue.
Not trying to be a pain Brian, hope you understand.
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