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I think there's two schools of thought regarding writing comprehensive rules.

Myself and Dave Semmens introduced the NEFTA Hunter series back in 2006 and when we did we decided that the whole ethos of the event is that we wanted to put the fun back into HFT.

So the idea was - a simple set of rules, that might not be comprehensive in their wording but would be policed by the shooters themselves to make sure things are fair.

The way that works is - you can turn up to an event and try to get away with bending the simple rules if you like, but if your peers think you're taking the piss they'll let you know and probably heckle you so much you'll end up losing any advantage you would have gained in the first place.

If something really does become a problem, the chief marshal on the day might pop over to either ask you not to do something that's a bit suspect, and/or join in the merciless heckling

Either way - you won't do it again and everyone's happy

The end result is - a simple set of rules, everything is self policed - cheat if you like, but remember - you're only cheating yourself and we reserve the right to laugh at you and take the piss out of you.
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