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Default Refreshing change

Well guys the deal is nearly done......I've owned and shot a superb example of the MK3 which has been a fantastic rifle for the past season and a half in HFT. For those who don't know it this has loads of pedigree having been owned and worked on firstly by Pete Dutton then more recently by Pete and Jane Sparkes who shot it in the UKAHFT nationals.
It has helped me gain more high scores in one season this year than I would have ever thought possible including my pb, a 59 at Emley Moor in the Hunter series.
A few weeks ago the batteries failed which wasn't a manufacturing fault just ware and age and it now has new ones fitted thanks to Daystate promptly getting some in the post for me and a man who can(you know who you are and I can't thank you enough) quickly fitting them but while I've been waiting a friend of mine has lent me his Ranger which I have fell in love with and he wants to do a swap for the MK3.
Despite many thinking I've lost my marbles letting go of such a fine Mk3, the Air Ranger has renewed my interest in shooting and on our first outing together at PARC on Sunday I came off with 56/60.
I've wanted a buddy bottle style Daystate since shooting Westys Air Wolf at the DOC meet nearly two years ago which just fit and balanced well for me from the first shot.
I must admit that coming away from the MK3s electronic trigger has made me re-learn my trigger technique and it may be some time before I get used to it and the slower lock time and a mad idea to change rifles so close to the end of what has been a good year for me but the enjoyment of shooting much outways the results for me at the moment and I'm certainly enjoying shooting and now owning (almost) i.m.o one of the best rifles I've had in the Daystate Air Ranger.
I've decided I will probably now do the swap and that the MK3 will go later this week and I hope that the new owner likes it as much as I have done but I now have finally got what I've always wanted...........a rifle that I just love shooting.The Daystate Air Ranger.


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