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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
Freestyle: White face plate with black trip plate.
Kneel ing: Yellow face plate with black trip plate.
Standing: Red face plate with white trip plate.

It's a guess, but if that's the 150 targets, then your looking about 120, and so i reckon it equates to about 25 kneelers, 25 standers, 25 (what most would call) mini kills, and the rest look to be 30-40's and i think i can see one 45mm...

Sitting 30mm's go out to 44yds (40m)
Sitting 20mm's go out to 33yds (30m)
Sitting 13mm's go out to 22yds (20m)

Kneeling/standing 20mm's out to 22yds (20m)
Kneeling/standing 30mm's out to 33yds (30m
Easy Rob use your HFT rig
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