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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
I think the rules have been reduced over the years - not sure it even mentions not altering the scope although that is kind of the main rule of HFT
I have just checked through the rules again, and it does seem to have been relaxed a lot.

But it seems odd that it does not specifically mention scope mag/parallax changes now. I presume that this is just the same as it always has been? Or is it? Maybe I am getting confused as the rules did originally I think base themselves on the UKAHFT rules, which did specify this ruling, but then they eased off slightly for different reasons. Fine by me.
Maybe it was those(UKAHFT) that stated the no scope change rules, and we have just accepted that.

I personally don't mind about butt hooks and spirit levels, but the only mention in the 2013 rules of scope changes is the bit mentioned in the sillys, as has already been mentioned.
I don't suppose that it matters that the rules are not written in detail, as long as the NEFTA committee have the final the decision, and we know what they are between ourselves.

Hope this makes sense.


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