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Originally Posted by Toucan59 View Post
Yet again a very windy evening at MAD, coupled with a very devious course saw a few of the usual top scorers in tantrums and tears.
Nice to see Roger climbing back up the board with some help from the handicapped secretary.
Cleve made a rare appearance to shoot one of his courses, and failed miserably and tore his card up. Now he knows how we suffer.
Made a welcome change to see Mr Rivita-Wheatley back down the club, sharing top position, after a deal on the golf handicaps with Ian. All joking aside, he shot round using Ians gun, which is cock-on accurate, Respect.
The winnings were split due to lack of light to have a shoot-off, Thank God.

Tim Bohr-------------------------------------48--8--56
Terry Wheatley----------------------------46-10--56
Ray Hampton-------------------------------51--5--56
Roger Hasn't been this high Laitly-------40-15--55
Lloyd Davies--------------------------------46--8--54
Jean Greatrex------------------------------41-10--51
Darren Quincey----------------------------48--1--49
Ian Bainbridge------------------------------44--5--49
Simon Vant----------------------------------37-10--47
Kyle Hampton-------------------------------38--6--44
Gary Chillingworth--------------------------38--4--42
Simon Dixon---------------------------------32-10--42
Hayden Popps-------------------------------DNF
Cleve Bull-------------------------------------DNF
Not looking good there Gary, little bit of wind was there just wait till Quarry
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