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The showdown is a FT comp only. 32 people gain entry by qualifying. To qualify you have to be in the top four scores at each of the first eight league shoots. You only qualify once, so if you are in the top four at another shoot your name is passed over and the next highest score that hasn't yet qualified gets a place.

At the showdown the 32 entrants are put into 16 pairs, and each pair then shoot 20 targets. The person with the higher score goes through to the next round and the one who was beaten drops out. The winners carry on like that against a new person in every round shooting 20 targets until there are just two finalists left.

The 16 people who get knocked out at the first round then compete amongst themselves in a similar competition and the winner of that group wins the PLATE.

Every round is shot against the clock, they get one minute to shoot 2 targets starting from the moment the scope comes up to the eye.

A complete set of rules was agreed at the last AGM, nearly a year ago.

At our showdown on 4th October there will be other comps going on, I'm told that there will be a 35 shot Hunter course shot to the SWEFTA rules you are familiar with, and I've also been told there will be a 15 shot standing only course. You could enter both of them.
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