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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Firstly i have no ties with Falcon but have seen, used and helped develop to date. Not all the things i like but have to appeal to the masses.

I must have either looked through, tested and or used around 25 T50 to date, even the poorer ones are far better optically than a good Niko/BSA without the dire build quality drawbacks. You will be very very hard pushed to find any BSA/Niko thats better optically having owned, had to use quite a few the last 12 years.
One thing you will find out is they dont white out where other scopes do, a sure sign the optics are better.

After sales is exemplary should anything untoward happen. Heres the clincher what aint good enough for Falcon was good enough for the older Niko/BSA, Bushnell and March!
Falcon listen to what customers want and thrive on feedback, cant say the same about March or any other scope. In addition its an ongoing progress and development with subsequent batches.

Having eventually got me dosh back off my bigger March i am now using the little March 60mag at 730gr. Bolting a T50 on at 950gr doesnt upset the balance because it has a conventional eye relief.
T50 FOV is narrower than a Niko mainly due to the higher mag so bare that in mind.

I have seen a few T50 with the modded baffle arrangement due out in next release. To the untrained and general user they definately seem brighter with better contrast. Personally i would prefer the old current versions as i dont want to look at the surroundings.

Been meaning to bolt a T50 on for last 4 weeks but havent had chance. I can swap and change scopes in about two mins and use straight away, diallings tie in with my old PR Leups and 9 Marchs, no jumps!
For use i always free the wheel off not that they are stiff like Niko, stems back from Tasco and Leupold days.
I have two T50 here at moment just got the first silver one back from 2011, shame its in milirad. The other will appeal to most as it was the first prototype finer mildot ret on glass i clocked whilst there a few weeks ago. One of these will replace my March 10-60 in the next few weeks and i will use, trouble is which one.
Just contacted a couple of importers here in the states - said on recent order that the T50 was not available. Wonder if there are stock issues or maybe changes are coming soon and they are getting revised models ready? Going to contact Falcon to see what they say.
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