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Originally Posted by Martz View Post
I'd like to echo Tim's comments on this.

The NEFTA Hunter shoots have been pretty much the only thing I've shot this summer, and I've thoroughly enjoyed them. Side stepping the issue of agreed formats, as a person who's turned up to shoot 30 targets on a sunday morning, I've enjoyed EVERY shoot.

Anston round I found hard work, but then i usually find Anston courses hard work! Got my only donut of the season thanks to a banking jumping up when I pulled the trigger

Emley gave us a stunning introduction to their new ground, even employing woodpeckers to entertain us. Some fantastic shots, especially the first few lanes.

Redfearn put on a good round I'm sure (Unfortunately for me I had to sunbathe in Portugal )

Thorn Dell I thought was a cracker, some mesmorising shots out into the corn. They also bribed the wind to change direction when I went near the trigger.

Hull, well Hull sunk me, elevated targets, kneeling, and a shallow stock had me kicking the cat when i got home. Some very well hidden targets, and lots to think about, next year...

Ponteract put a smile on my face, shooting with Trev and being a couple of lanes down from Mr Yates, it wasn't a day to take things seriously. I had a huge smile on my face from hearing the wind pick up after clearing the bowl of doom

Great venues ang good company.

Course setters, organisers, website updaters, and everyone involved;

Thank you
Well said Mart - you HFT pufta
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