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Having made the comment yesterday about my 77 going up @ zero temps ... I can't really say that did for me. The misses that I could pick out I was happy with vertically but missed sideways. The biggest variable was the sideways with the wind. It was variable in speed and changed direction as it swirled through the trees and undulations so difficult to pick an aimpoint and stick to it. I also got my busy head syndrome once I started missing and then I forgot basic things and started thinking far too much.

Wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else though last Sunday. A similar course next year will be just dandy.

Ah well ... do it all again now this weekend at Kelmarsh.

( PS ... I know it makes for low looking scores ... but as a HFT shooter I also actually liked the scoring of 1 or 0. I've never thought you should get a point for hitting a faceplate the size of a shoebox ... but I understand it's to give starters in HFT some points on the card. The 1/0 system also means that if you have a shocker and catch a branch or something on the way through that you haven't noticed you only lose 1 point and not 2 ... but that's an whole new topic ).
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