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Lanes 10-20 were taking a lot of wind pm session for me. I gave a 35 yd edge on first target and went across the kill at 3 o'clock split but didn't fall. After that everything got outside kill 1/2-1 outside left. That worked until I came in for a lull and have edge which went all the way across again. Think there was a long one lane 19 or 20 that I gave edge of plate on a circular target with the kill offset in the top half. That didn't make it into the kill landing 5mm shy.
Everything on that side I missed on the level. I was lucky across the pond as I forgot to mag up and it went in right at the top 12 o'clock Gmt. 3/20 not too bad.
Down the other side I'm not sure what happened. Somehow i went a turn out after the downhill kneelers which accounts for 3 but testing against the plate on the last lane had her 10-20mm low at 20 odd yards. Similar what happened when I zerod her day before, she was too flat between 20 and 40 then snapped back to normal. Looks like she snapped back. Odd it's not seemingly affecting close and far ones, I missed two of those due to wind but missed everything 30 ish with no clue. Know they weren't going straight but couldn't see them going all the way over as I was giving the same futher out.

Bloody springers.

Never mind. Some investigation shows the 97s forward trigger bolt was loose in the action but stiff in the stock.

Perhaps in a few years we will get these gremlins out. But it was great to see everyone boinking and Steve and I are already looking forward to next year.
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