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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
You can be sure that just like this time i will do my best.
I'm really rough though at the moment.
I know mate, we all missed you yesterday but we know you're a fighter and you'll be back with a vengeance.

The scores don't tell the whole story of yesterday - It was brilliant that so many people managed to make it, and for many it was a real struggle getting there. But as well as the people shooting, we had loads of people just turning up to donate without even shooting.

If the weather hadn't been so horrible I'm sure it would have been a sell out event - crazy to think that this time last year I was sitting in the garden in a t-shirt and shorts!

It's fixed as being an annual event now, if you own a springer, this is THE event to come to, and if you don't own a springer - we're going to hunt you down and hassle you relentlessly to beg, borrow or steal a springer to take part. We have no shame
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