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I thought the course was about right for HFT and SFT - out of 40 targets there were only half a dozen shots at most that were over 45 yards. The standers were unsupported, but there were two easy short ones and two long uns - I think the long ones might have been reduced kills as well - I know one of them was 35mm.

The thing that just killed everyone on the day was the wind, I know it killed me - I couldn't get a read on it at all and because of the recoil couldn't see where I was missing most of the time. Mentally I just gave up I think about a third of the way round.

Lots of people reported that they were shooting high on the day, one of the few shots I saw hit was about 47 yards, and I split at 11 o'clock with just enough energy to take the target down.

Not sure what the theory is for springers shooting high on cold days?
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