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Cheers for that Bri

Well done again to Simon for overall win ... and well done to Glyn with 29 ~HFT and Treaders 26 ~SFT.

I really enjoyed it. I went off like a train and then fell to bits. I shot HFT and I thought the course was excellent. Some really pretty visual targets and the course turned you in all directions re the wind ( mind you the wind did that itself on some targets ). I actually liked the extra range of the over 45 yarders and didn't find those as difficult to range or see with HFT settings as I'd thought. Hitting them in that wind was a different story.

This was about a bunch of folk overcoming the weather to get together to shoot springers and raise that 800 quid for a cause that's touched all of us, so great decision by Anston to keep the shoot on and well done to the sponsors and all that managed to get there. It will be lovely to do it again next year.
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