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Default British Recoiling Championships 2013

Tied scores decided by countback

1Simon Ayers34FT2HW77
2Neil Thorneycroft32FT1HW97
3Marc Fisher31FT1TX200
4Nick Murphy30FT2TX200
5Danny Webb30FT1HW97
6Glyn Waiton29HFT2TX200
7Edwin Cable29FT2HW97
8Steve Privett29FT2TX200
9Roger Dyson28FT1HW97
10Dean Burfoot28FT2TX200
11Paul Lawrence27HFT1TX200
12John Greaves27HFT2HW97
13Adam Lees27FT1HW97
14Graham Cooper27HFT1TX200
15Rob Farnworth26FT2HW97
16Ian Treadwell26SFT2HW97
17Steve Hebblethwaite26FT1Walther LGV
18Val Szulc26FT2TX200
19Steve Whiting26HFT2HW97
20James Osborne25FT2AA Prosport
21Dean Corfield24HFT1TX200
22Rob Long24FT2TX200
23Ian Burton24FT2TX200
24Andy Yates23HFT1HW97
25Jerry Dowdall23FT1AA Prosport
26Richard Ardern22HFT1AA Prosport
27Lee Hartness22HFT1HW97
28Colin Wilkinson22HFT2 
29Bob Clay22HFT2TX200
30Pete Rowley21SFT2TX200
31Brian Samson21FT1TX200
32Dave Gibson21SFT1TX200
33Keith Gillyard21FT1HW80
34Mark Brewit20FT2 
35Dave Tomlinson20FT1TX200
36Dylan Varney19FT1TX200
37Ricky Moppet19HFT2TX200
38Donald Hartness19HFT1AA Pro Elite
39Keith Wooley18HFT1HW77
40Phillip Price18FT2TX200
41Jon Willingham18SFT2 
42Ivan Marsden18FT2 
43Duane Grace18SFT1 
44Paul Varney17FT2 
45Dan Gilmartin17SFT1 
46Mark Stenton17FT2 
47Jim Nee17FT1 
48Darrin Lynn16HFT2 
49Chris Cundey16SFT1 
50Garent Jenkinson16HFT1 
51Andy Calpin16SFT2 
52Tony Martin13SFT1 
53David Wood12SFT1 
54Mick McTighe12HFT1 
55Steve Bowers12HFT1 
56Steve Handby11HFT1 
57Tony Wright11FT1 
58Andy Williams10HFT1 
59Micheal Wilson10SFT1 
60Peter Wilson 10SFT1 
61Phil gibbs10HFT1 
62Phil Green10SFT1 
63Alan Ford10HFT1 
64Simon Burgon9HFT1 
65Tye Forde9SFT2 
66Gary Timms7HFT1 
67David Williamson7HFT1 
68Tony Williamson5SFT2 
69Dave Ward3FT1 
70Paddy Egan1SFT2 
71David Crookes1HFT2 

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