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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
No 1 apprentice gadget and I set off for Mendips bright and early, well 6.30 so not that bright.

Good drip down till a few miles from ground we encounted icy roads and a 4x4 in the ditch, which is where my score was heading lol

Bitterly Cold, just 3 degrees on my digital thermo.
Still, weather proof trousers, Thermal socks, Hoodie tops and gloves did the business.
Wind on zero range was anything from 1st dot at 40m, so about 2-3 inche, to half inch, 25 m half inch, 50 m 1 inch to 6 inch!!
should have been warning number 2 we took notice of and fled, least me!

My Marie Curie daff Blew off my Norway Cap on lane two, now that really should have been the top tip to head off home lol

Good start, 40 m, 1st dot down it goes, T2 (35m) follows with out of kill hit.

Missed (long list)

T 3, 40m Kneeler, up a tree! Rock steady, gave it 1st doty as t1, but it hit 9 edge so some 60-70ml of wind at 40!
T5, 25ml reducer at 30m?, came half inch out of kill and hit 9 edge again, bugger. 34 ml / full kill at 30m!
T8, 45m, gave it inch out of kill, squirrel target so near right side of plate, shot poor bugger in hand! some 3-4 inches of wind!
T12, inch or so out, past 9, pattern forming!
T15, another long kneeler, 41m, rock stady but as Mendips dont have string, they use telephone line, thick heavey stuff that hardly shows what wind was doing, was clueless. went down middle and missed 9 by about half inch. May have got it if had gone inside 3!

5 x 20 was not bad though. trouble was next 20!

T26, 42m, low to ground so thinking wind ok, gave edge of kill 3 side and missed plate!

Cant remember last time that happened

T31, angled back up hill so gave out on left side, 45m came well out at around edge of plate and over cooked, pellet dropped to 7 edge and split. bugger!
T32 45m, out on right by inch or more, well past kill so some 4-5 inches of wind
t33 45, Gave fist dot so half inch out as wind seemed to have dropped!! Dont know if it gusted as i shot but hit another tree and not even close to plate. 6+ inches of wind!
T34 15ml @ 17m, angled down to course edge by ponds. Gave 3 edge, cleared kill by half an inch? so, at just 17m there was over an inch of wind on a 15 ml target = lottery!
(Gadget hit it by staying in kill!!!)
T35, so ****** off with the unreadble conditions i forgot to scribble what went wrong, but safe to say there was another un readble gust.

T37 47m, Came out right, hit wood. dont think i got windage side wrong, think it moved over 6 inches again in a gust!
t39, 47m, came out right side andsplit 8 edge!

27x40! Highlight, hitting all standers and being very sure and steady on them.

and the Stilton and steak pastie !

although mendips is one of my favourite straight line courses, the angle worked into it are great, today it turned into a lottery shot for me (and most others really) and i did in the end not enjoy the day, ce la Vie1
Could not be bothered to shoot hft with conditions!

Steve Franklin was top on 30 and that was a struggle to keep the score starting with a "3", Steve was the only one. Top shooting from Swefta's top shot and the one to beat.

Gadget was shooting with Amanda Smith a couple of lanes behind us and came in on 28! so No 1 apprentice has passed and is know able to beat me at will
Least if the wind gusts like this
Top shooting from both Amanad and Gadget on 28.

Daft thing is despite scoring what seemed poorly to me, i stll get 90%! Gadget is completley messing his % grading up though by heading on his way to a class lol

Priest, d39 + no 2 Luep were all spot on, i might have miss ranged a couple but i was having so much trouble finding anything to read the wind with i forgot about the temp at times, scope under ranges slightly below 5 degrees and at times i was forgetting abouty this.

Shebbear cant be as Windy come April 28th???
So wot was your score....cant be botherd to read all the excuses as to why you missed and
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