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I would also say that BC/wind susceptibility calculations are not the whole story.

I did try 7.6 grain Bisley long range gold in my Walther. Everything about them looked superb, indoors at 50 yards they were producing groups so small that it was hard to believe, with a mega flat trajectory. In the wind they were a massive waste of time, the groups exploded. In my infinite wisdom I decided to do my main initial field trial at the 2008 world championships......

That pellet in my gun became totally unstable in any decent breeze; all the calculations went out of the window as the things must have been wobbling all over the place sending drag through the roof; the BC doesn't count for much if it's going sideways!

I use Exacts straight from the tin. With a good batch the the groups are great. The paradox is that I need a pellet that will take about 20 per cent more wind as almost all my sideways misses are me giving it too much, I cannot seem to make myself change. The amount of comps I've lost aiming on the edge and hitting right where I aim is just painful.

The best general approach has to be find a pellet that groups and work from there. Don't bother with Bisley LRG though!

Loads of comps have been won with Exacts and Express pellets, it's probably fair comment that you don't really need to look past these alternatives.
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