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Originally Posted by finners View Post
I was the 1st to tell you at Emley some one needs to check a course as you objected to Pete doing it. You can see that the three 100% scores Pete got were all from courses he did not check ( at least two were anyway!) so there is no advantage in checking a course.

Lets all try to move forward here, an HFT course needs rules to allow junior shooters to be able to see the targets, simples!!!
Look guys there are no hard feelings at all on my part so lets leave it there, we all get ****** off from time to time & say things we don't really mean....not me of course The main thing is that we all enjoy our shooting & try not to take it too seriously. The thing I want to see in both HFT & FT is skill & a little luck triumphing rather than non-adherance to format/rules playing a part, while some people can't see the need for some rules they are only there to make things as fair for EVERYONE as possible.

You are right though Tim, two of my 100%'s were courses I didn't vet & the other I made Trev use the rangefinder on the ones that needed checking, so next year when I don't check them I might beat you

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