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"Some of the problems could have been picked up but Trev is a FT shooter and would miss the stuff that someone like myself , Pete D or any of the other 'experienced' HFT shooters might find. And that is partly my fault. If i'd kept my gob shut Pete D would still be vetting the courses and this thread wouldn't have seen the light of i take this oppotunity to publicly apologise to Pete...I WAS WRONG."


I was the 1st to tell you at Emley some one needs to check a course as you objected to Pete doing it. You can see that the three 100% scores Pete got were all from courses he did not check ( at least two were anyway!) so there is no advantage in checking a course.

Lets all try to move forward here, an HFT course needs rules to allow jounior shooters to be able to see the targets, simples!!!
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