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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post

Some of the problems could have been picked up but Trev is a FT shooter and would miss the stuff that someone like myself , Pete D or any of the other 'experienced' HFT shooters might find.
I'm not sure you or me checking the course would have helped though Chris, imagine the extra effort required to bring it to standard on the morning of the shoot, it's not too bad if there are only one or two targets that need altering. Please note that this wasn't the only non compliant course this year.

The main thing now is to move forward with this, I'm not having a go at Ponty, NEFTA or FT shooters here (especially as I'm also an FT shooter) but for next year NEFTA needs to look seriously at the NEFTA Hunter series. Do they want a HFT series run to a standard format or a series where anything goes, as long as the shooters are made aware of what to expect I can't see a problem either way & I'll still attend anyway.

If NEFTA decide to stick to a set format then they need to come up with a format & make sure that all the hosting clubs agree to stick to this format. The main thing here is the course setters have to stick exactly to the format & not try to change it in any way.

What I will say though is would course setters who have a preference for FT please stop trying to change HFT into something they can accept. HFT is a prone based sport (with a Standing/kneeling class in NEFTA) & that's the way a lot of us like it, if you want to create your own hybrid then please go ahead or you could even try changing the accepted FT format

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