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Firstly well done to Anston and to Tim.

Secondly a big thanks to Ponty for taking the effort to put on a good course.

Thirdly (is that a real word?). shock, horror, i agree with Pete D ( i know there has to be a first time)

There are rules that are readily available and those rules are there so that we all know what to expect when making the effort to attend a NEFTA Hunter shoot.

I think that the reasons the thread has turned a bit "niggly" are fairly simple to see and we need to step back from the keyboard and have a think. Let's think about how many Ponty shooters we see at UKAHFT shoots?...i can't name one?...and i think that this may have been a contributing factor. It was obvious to me that the lads that set out that course were FT shooters and the lack of experience of 'seeing' a lot of HFT courses contributed to the Ponty course having a FT slant. I'm 100% positive that there was no deliberate intent to 'give the finger' to HFT....we have to look at this point and stop the FT v HFT bollox.

Some of the problems could have been picked up but Trev is a FT shooter and would miss the stuff that someone like myself , Pete D or any of the other 'experienced' HFT shooters might find. And that is partly my fault. If i'd kept my gob shut Pete D would still be vetting the courses and this thread wouldn't have seen the light of i take this oppotunity to publicly apologise to Pete...I WAS WRONG. to fix for next year. I'd like to come forward and help Trev with the course vetting, 4 eyes are better than 2. We can meet the hosting club member and walk the course. Take a rangefinder to check target distance but only allow the club member to use it to verify whether the target range is legal, that way neither Trev or i will know any ranges before hand

What we really have to do is stay away from the FT v HFT debate, we are all aware that there are 1 or 2 bad eggs within the NEFTA region that despise HFT, but the vast majority are more than willing to enjoy the experience of both. Those that don't are missing out...simple. Just look at Trev and the effort that him and Bob put into making our practice HFT course at Emley, despite not shooting HFT, that's the attitude we should all try to have.
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