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Bloody weather.

I chrono'd the gun a couple of days ago and decided to tweak it down as it was a wee too close. So took it bits and turned it down. Plan was to go along to an indoor range on Saturday to zero it all up for Sunday.

Up the mountain here ( ok it isn't a real mountain but it's 700 feet up ) it's all snowed off this morning. We have a drift about 15 inches deep in front of the front door. All schools off. Roads up and down the hills a nightmare with lorries stuck. Forecast for Stoke is for lots of heavy snow this evening with further flurries tomorrow. Remaining very cold for the next several days so the snow isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

So it's not looking like the trip to the indoor range is happening and not much chance of zeroing outside as it's blowing like hell with up to 60mph forecast.

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