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I know Iím entering this discussion late but I have only just registered so I can add my comments. Who am I? Well Iím the muppet who checked out the line of sight on the Ponty course, so most of the problems with the course were down to my inexperience, sorry folks.
As Pete Dutton rightly pointed out on the day, some of the shooting positions were difficult for adults and impossible for juniors to shoot prone. This could discourage younger shooters from taking part in the future so again I apologise. I see no problem with Pete, or anybody else, pointing this out and appreciate that without constructive criticism mistakes will just be repeated.
The Ponty course setters put in a significant amount of time and effort to provide a challenging course, any mistakes in the set up format (either from NEFTA or Ponty) were just that Ė genuine mistakes.
In my humble opinion NEFTA and all the clubs involved have done a fantastic job in organising and co-ordinating a pretty hectic shooting schedule.
The bad news is this hasnít put me off HFT, Iíve thoroughly enjoyed my first season and will be back for more next year.
Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for good company and ďlivelyĒ banter at all the shoots I attended.
Keith Gilyard

PS Well done DeanC, 7th overall Ė outstanding
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