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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
You really do have a downer on the manufacturers now don't you Bob, I can remember a time when you'd back them up but that was when you were invited to the AMTA meetings

With reference to the Kelmarsh Country Fair, how long did you spend at the airgun section ??? whenever I went past it there were plenty of people at the stands but I couldn't tell if they were airgunners or not ?

As it was the first year for the airgun section I think it did really well & next year will be even bigger.
Was @ Show from Around 0930 - Closing - and spent most of the time around
Air Gun Section

Not got a downer on Air Gun Trade

Just a Few Moans from Shooters why can they not get Real Deals @ Such Shows

Aware that Numbers are dropping of those that have attend past Shows
As have been attending over many years -

I do believe that Kelmarsh Will be a better Show as more Shooters become aware of it
As believe the Format is like Midland in Early Day's
Without to Traffic and parking restrictions

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